about kikboxing

World Professional Karate Kickboxing Organization is to increase practical & theoretical knowledge of professional athletes specifically in martial arts fields which helped them become stronger and focused and improve their skills.

World Professional Karate Kickboxing Organization funded by Master Davoud Abedini in Switzerland, Lausanne on March. 2003 and it’s principals is base on peace and unity between nations.

We proud on a fund raising collaboration between WPKO and United Nations Children’s Fund for the benefit of war orphans.

On of WPKO goal is to support and foster professional athletes with discipline discipline, perseverance, and integrity bas eon strong principal.

” Drug-Free World  ”  ” Unity and peace No war “

About Master Davoud Abedini President of World Professional Kickboxing Organization (WPKO)​

Grade / Rank :   

  • Black belt 8th Dan
  • Instructor and 1Th degree referee status in material arts federation

Position :

  • 1989- Present : The major accomplishment of a successful 20-year career
  • 1991 – Present : Premium international instructor
  • 1991 : Founder of TONDAR fighting circuit
  • 1992 : Founder of kickboxing competition in-ring in Iran
  • 1992 – 1996 : Managing and planing professional kickboxing tournaments in Iran
  • 1996 – Present : Founding the first professional kickboxing club
  • 1996 – 2004 : Vice president of Full kickboxing style
  • 1997 – 2004 : Director and head coach of national iranian Full-contact team
  • 2003-President of world association of professional kickboxing organization in Lausanne switzerland
  • 2004 : Meet the first referee stage in Iran
  • 2004 : In charge of administration of international & championship league ( Best of the best ) kickboxing competition
  • 2004 : In charge of administration of WUSHU federation competition ( IWUF )
davoud abedini

Career History :

  • Practical & theoretical international/domestic etching in kickboxing including : Nutrition, functional law of physic and physiologic
  • International kickboxing instructor
  • International referee instructor
  • Held 4-time champions of open tournaments in Iran
  • Held 3-time international tournaments of kickboxing
  • Held 4-time team champions of in-ring open tournaments ( Director & head coach )
  • Champion of international professional Kickboxing
  • Team champion in different styles :  kickboxing, Shidokan, open-karate, full-contact, Kyokushin(U.A.E world champion)
  • Head coach of Iran national kickboxing team